Clear Your Cache

Folks. It’s time to clear it. I finally updated my website (  And it feels good.  It’s got a more streamlined look and it’s very straightforward while still being ‘me’.

I shot my part for a short film called Cab 57 last Monday. It was totally ironic. I had been pretty persistent about locking down rehearsal and shoot dates because work has not been quite as flexible as it used to be. (I think we must’ve reduced the size of the staff because people aren’t picking up my shifts when I need to audition or film. Luckily, my boss has informed me that they’re hiring new people. Yes!) I persist so that I can ensure that I’m available when they need me.  After several dates changes, I didn’t think I’d have any flexibility should there be any more changes but when they called me late Monday afternoon to see if I was available to shoot that night instead of Thursday…I was able to make it work! Serendipitous!  Thank God.

Additionally, I should be receiving footage for a film that I shot last month. As soon as I receive it, I’ll post it.

I also had rehearsal for Keratin Earth.  I did the first part of the infomercial earlier this month, but had to wait until I had tried the product for a full 30-days to film the testimonial segments.  We shot the rest of the infomercial this Monday. Below is a picture of the gals glamorizing me:

Bless their hearts. My hair is not as easy to work with as one might think. 
The other beautiful ladies who tried Keratin Earth!

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