No Rep, No Problem

I’m always down for building a team to help me progress to the next level (always actively seeking theatrical and management representation) but I think it is important that I share my recent successes without ANY representation or industry connections so that you can feel encouraged to get work yourself! It’s HARD but not IMPOSSIBLE!

During the last few months, without an agent or manager, I’ve:
  • Just shot an episode of Grey’s Anatomy
  • I’ve been called in to audition by 3 of 5 CD’s I’ve seen within 2 weeks of FIRST meeting & performing for them, including:
    • Leslie Woo for Silicon Valley
    • Amy Reece for Prodigal Daughter
    • Jamie Castro for Grey’s Anatomy
  • Last week alone, I auditioned for Criminal Minds with Scott David, The Water with Leah Daniels-Butler (Yes, of ‘The Butler’ fame), & a Chevy commercial with Heather Lynn Casting
So stop saying you can’t, and go and DO IT!!! You CAN!!!

100-year-old Susan Ahn Cuddy clutches the hand of actress Irene Park who portrays her in the East West Players production of “Born to Lead: The Susan Ahn Cuddy Story” after a perfomance on Tuesday, March 24, 2015 in the Creveling Lounge at Pasadena City College in Pasadena, Calif. PCC veterans Maggie Sanchez and Jamaica Springs discussed their experiences in the armed forces following the short play. (Keely Damara/Courier)

Reviews of my performance of East West Players Theatre for Youth production of BORN TO LEAD: The Susan Ahn Cuddy Story

“Thank you Irene, for your fine performance tonight. It is so uncanny that, at times, I thought I was sharing moments with young Susan. You guys did a great job, you and [Rich], capturing the time period, it’s language and feeling. When I saw the audience and how engaged they were, I knew you guys had them. Congratulations and thank you again.” – John Cha, writer of Willow Tree Shade: The Susan Ahn Cuddy Story

“To be honest, we came to the show with a critical eye. But you blew us away. You really captured her. I saw and understood things about her that I never had.” – Phil Cuddy, Susan Ahn Cuddy’s son


  1. Felicia Hom

    Wow, congratulations Irene!!! I saw you post your news on Karmalicity. That is fantastic stuff!!! So cool you're in Born to Lead – I auditioned as well and I've acted with Rich (is he your opposite lead??) before, too.

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