Open Call Audition for #CrazyRichAsiansCasting

Check out my open call audition for #CrazyRichAsiansCasting! It took me a hot minute to get excited about this open call because a) a lot of times these open calls are a marketing gimmick to get people interested in the project before it even goes into production then casting just picks one of the names they already had in mind, and b) secret talent? Yup, there is a secret talent portion of the audition, which I think is weird. One should get the role because they have the acting talent to carry the film and the essence that best captures the character. I suppose the secret talent is supposed to give viewers a peek into who you are.  My secret talent is…well, you better watch it!

The other reason that doing open calls makes me wary is that idea of exposing yourself, and your flaws publicly…VERY publicly. Auditioning is a unique beast – it isn’t the ideal circumstance to do one’s best work.  So far the feedback has been great though! A few casting directors have privately (and on social media) congratulated me for a great tape.  We shall see!


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