Just ‘Be’

Everything that surrounds acting can make it one of the hardest art forms to create…but in the purest form, it is so liberating. The best acting is done from the core of oneself — the soul.  Also the most intriguing acting I find is when they’re/you’re completely ‘in the moment’.  We’re all so busy becoming or remembering what we were that we forget to just ‘be’ sometimes. And perhaps, what we become may be better than who we are (who we were) — I can only hope for that. But to appreciate ‘being’ is a gift to oneself from God. It’s acceptance that what you are is good enough even if for a hot second.  It’s funny I’ve spent most of my life becoming — pushing forward to the next phase in life, the next challenge.  It’s only been recently that I’ve come to realize its significance. Being more aware of its importance in my life illuminates how much I struggle with it. While I always thought of myself as an open person, acting professionally has taught me to be even more open, available…and more human.  Okay, back to becoming! 😉

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