It’s Been Awhile

Many pardons! My lovely laptop ac adapter catching on fire and a thankfully hectic schedule has prevented me from making any updates.

On the laptop front, I purchased a replacement ac adapter which came last Thursday so I’m finally back online.  My good friend has a Macbook Pro which is coming out of its lease which he may be able to sell me soon.  It’s awesome to have friends who look out for me! 🙂  Once I’m on a Mac, I think there will be a lot less delays in getting updates out (Did I mention that I am running Vista? For those of you who are fortunate to have never run that OS…it is painfully slow. Never get it!).

On set at the Resident Evil: Afterlife promo shoot

Apparently, my Resident Evil: Afterlife promo has aired! It’s been spotted on both coasts multiple times. Unfortunately, the fan boys & girls seem relatively slow about getting any footage online so I have yet to see it.  I’ve stopped obsessively googling it…okay, it’s probably because I haven’t had time that I haven’t googled it obsessively.  My friend’s beau actually works for the production company, which I had no idea about until my friend mentioned it.  Thus, I may be able to secure a copy from him if the hardcopy gets “lost” in the mail.  (Side note: important mail for me tends to get lost by the postal service…no one else in my house deals with this dilemma.  Should I worry?)

On set for Shall We Skype? (Doesn’t everyone look like this when they first wake up in the morning?)

While starting training for my new job, I shot Shall We Skype?, a sweet dramedy about a foreign exchange student who finds a new way to stay connected to her mother when she leaves for college in the States.  It was a short film without much dialogue but it was a nice change of pace because I got to play younger and had to show the intimacy between the characters through their video chats.  I’m supposed to get a hardcopy in the mail shortly. Yes!

Unfortunately, I recently heard back from the director of The Legend of the Black Lotus that our shoot date was being moved from the beginning of October to next year due to financial logistics. He’s working out the details with several investors.  I was, of course, disappointed because I was excited about working with the director as well as my two theatre company-mates Steffinnie & Victor and my new castmates! I, however, know everything happens for a reason.  I’d rather have appropriate funding and produce a stellar quality film than rush to get it done…just to get it done.

I booked a role in a web series called Me and My Old Man, which I filmed this past Tuesday. I also booked another role in Easy Way Out, which is scheduled to shoot in Oct/Nov. Tomorrow is audition time for another web series! Hooray for a busy schedule!

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