A headshot by David Noles that I haven’t previously published anywhere!

I recently auditioned to be in a promo for a major motion picture that will open next week.  It was a very quick turnaround project. I shot it the day after I auditioned for it. The cast and crew were amazing to work with!  The studio apparently liked the final product and I admit I’m really anxious to see it myself.  I’ve been obsessively googling it to see if the promo has been aired yet…sigh. hahaha.  Of course, when it’s out I’ll post it here immediately.

What do you think of my headshot (above)? It’s one of the 416 pictures David Noles took of me. It didn’t make the cut when I was doing market research to narrow down my top choices. I generally just have my theatrical and commercial headshots up on casting websites to be cost effective but with this blog I get a bit more license to post photos and media.  I wanted to have a photo that screams more business/professional.  I’m planning on posting a few more up soon, including: I just graduated college, I’m going to kick your ass, etc.

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