Randomness ensues!

Last night, I started Day 1 of 5 for my survival job! The very thought of it exhausted me, but I was pleasantly surprised by random turn of events!

Wednesday night, I got to work only to be surprised by my manager with delicious In-n-out burgers for the crew on that night! Yay! I definitely work for food, which worked out pretty well when I started acting as I got paid in footage, credit, and food! For the record, that won’t suffice now. 😛

Then despite a rough night of massive amount of cheap crazies (don’t you people have work in the morning? you can’t spare $1?), I got an audition for McDs the next day. I literally woke up to go straight from audition to work again! Eeeep!

The audition was fun and I got asked to model for a Marie Claire France spread randomly too! Wild!

It’s fun what can come your way when you allow it, no?

What will you allow? And what will come your way today?

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