Shhhh!!!! Promo Spot with a Major National Brand filmed!

Clearly, we all look like this after a marathon day plus yoga session!
It’s amazing what great projects come my way when I trust in the work and focus on enjoying the journey.  Despite contemplating parting ways with my commercial agency for awhile, it still felt scary going back ‘out there’ without another agency lined up. I, however, had to remind myself that so much of the work I had gotten was due to my work ethic even while with the aforementioned agency. After all, getting an agent shouldn’t result in resting on one’s laurels. If anything, it should be that fire getting stoked under you every day to get moving and utilizing this relationship and opportunity.  This experience seemed to also compound the lesson I learned in my personal life in 2011-12:  There is a fine line between letting go and giving up.  And how important it is to make that distinction because holding on to expired relationships or experiences can hold you back from what you’re most capable of!
Soon after, I booked a print ad, infomercial, and this awesome little promo featuring my insanely hectic slice of life. While I’m grateful and excited to work with most of my clients, big and small, it was especially thrilling to know that this promo was to promote a major brand (trust me, you own one of their products!).  I can’t wait to get word from the producers about when it gets approved by their internal powers that be! Keepin’ ya posted! 😉

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