Ready for you, 2011!

Despite a recent injury (a terrible sprain of my left ankle), I’m working hard to make 2011 a great year.  I had a rather demoralizing meeting with a no name talent agency recently that kicked my butt into gear.  Additionally, having to stay off my feet on and out of the restaurant has given me flexibility to work steadily down my to-do list.  I mailed out my submissions to the commercial agencies that I was interested in last week and hope I hear something back in the upcoming weeks. 

I went to a great audit at Scott Sedita’s Studio.  One of his concepts for success is that talent is an inherent quality.  A very bold statement given that Hollywood is full of people who think they can learn to be decent actors.  There is some truth to his statement though.  And it’s a bit reassuring!  I’m considering taking his comedy intensive in the new year. 

I’m gearing up to send out a massive submission for theatrical representation. I know it’ll be an uphill battle considering my nonunion status but, hey, crazier things have happened. I’m also working more on my monologue so that I can be ready when the time comes to audition for an agent.  I’m actually taking a quick break from building out my reel to bring you a preview of a webseries I worked on this year, which will premiere January 2011:

Also, you should check out what the Resident Evil fans are saying about my promo:

Apparently, a majority of them never got to see it but love it!!!  I LOVE the fact that these hardcore fans are embracing the promo. They are the toughest critics! The views of the promo jumped from 200 to 400 over a couple of days!

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