Just Say “Fried Chicken”

Most people start the deprivation a week into November thinking at a couple of weeks of being “good” (whatever that means) will negate all the crap they’re going to ingest in one glorious day known as Thanksgiving. Not me, my friends. Today, I made fried chicken from scratch. None of that Shake ‘N Bake nonsense (though, there are some decent Shake ‘N Bake options when you’re short on time and ideas but that’s neither here nor there). I briefly contemplated baking my pieces in the oven and deep frying the rest for everyone else but I figured why not just enjoy it in its full glory. It turned out perfectly. Crispy and well-seasoned on the outside and tender, moist, and juicy on the inside. Perhaps it was my recent bout of stomach flu, where I subsisted off saltines and chicken noodle soup for two weeks that made me feel pretty damn great about deciding to cook fried chicken. Or maybe I’m finding enjoyment whenever possible (okay, so mine often comes in the form of food! :P) and not just once in awhile. Let’s be thankful year round. For the small things and the giant developments.

I received my very own copy of Acting: Advanced Techniques for the Actor, Director, and Teacher  by Terry Schreiber in the mail today. Yessss! Aforementioned, I’m on a quest to find a new acting teacher and improv class but I wanted to reflect on the wonderful teachings from the T. Schreiber Studio. I know I always sing their praises but it just was a really lovely training ground and haven, especially in a bustling city like New York.  An extremely collaborative studio…as well as ego free!  Speaking of improv, I recently discovered that fellow theatre company member, Teresa Huang, had taken classes at Second City. I shot her an e-mail asking her for feedback and I got a quick yet thoughtful response.  How wonderful to be able to reach out to a working professional (she’s been on a lot of hit TV shows) and have her be so receptive and helpful. I do know that there are subversive people out there but I’ve been extremely blessed to encounter their polar opposites. 

I recently auditioned for Highlife Adventures, Lexus, and Walgreens.  Let’s see if any of these bear fruit. Honestly, I often find that commercials more than film, tv, or theatre is extremely type specific.  We shall see.

Meanwhile, I’ve discovered a way to feel more engaged in my work as a server.  I’ve come to realize it really is a study of human behaviors.  It’s amazing what neuroses people bring to the restaurant and how it unfolds as well as understanding human dynamics by watching people interact.  Cool, another training ground for me as an actor!

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